Japanese IT Giant Fujitsu Launches Blockchain Center in Europe


The adhesion of the blockchain or dispersed ledger technology (DLT) among large companies worldwide has generated a real «Ledger running» mainly among businesses in the technology industry. Google, Microsoft and Amazon are just a couple of the world's giants looking to deploy new solutions using blockchain to provide more safety, reliability and new features for building an increasingly connected world.

It's a market which, according to Statistics, must have more than 75 billion connected devices interacting with one another in various ways.

Fujitsu, a Japanese firm with over 156,000 employees worldwide, is also noting this market and announced this week the opening of its first Blockchain Innovation Center, located in Brussels, Belgium, with the aim of supporting research, innovation and development in this new industry." Technology enables completely new business models that could be deployed in the service and manufacturing businesses. Blockchain can be used in many areas such as logistics, supply chains and public documents and purposes, such as records, identity documents and so-called «smart contracts», which ensure the automated implementation of contracts ", states the provider's official announcement about the initiative.

According to Fujitsu, one of the main areas that the company plans to invest in its development are the services of Smart Cities. The Japanese firm believes that by 2050, more than 66% of the planet's population will be living in urban areas, an increase of 2.5 billion people in comparison to the current data; Thus Fujitsu believes that smart city alternatives will be needed for societal business, sociological and demographic factors, economic viability and environmental challenges.

«We believe blockchain technology plays a significant role in the development of smart cities.» Today, more than half of the planet's population lives in urban areas, and by 2050 this number is expected to grow to 66 percent. Cities will need to adapt to these improvements and become wise cities that connect ITC's technology with infrastructure and architectures to address social, economic and environmental challenges, «said Frederik De Breuck, Presales and Business Assurance Director of Fujitsu Benelux.

Also in Germany, Fujitsu is heavily involved with platforms, services, and infrastructures associated with distributed accounting technologies, in addition to the use of solutions based on the IOTA Tangle network.