Moscow Business Opens World’s First Crypto Addict Hotline


While dramatic price swings of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are rattling the nerves of investors, a Moscow-based firm has launched a hotline to help ease their strain over crypto market changes.

Back in December, bitcoin smashed the all-time high of $20,000, but fell below $6,000 before this week after a length downtrend period. These changes are clearly a cause of huge stress for investors, particularly people with little expertise in cryptocurrencies, and possibly could lead to mass suicides, psychologists claim.

A Moscow-based company, Blockchain Fund, which buys and shops cryptocurrency for customers, has opened per hotline only for those people.

“Some people are in a fear, they don’t understand what is happening. At first everything was so good in this market, and now it has faced such changes,” Elena Pikhovkina, a psychologist working on the hotline, told

According to Ms Pikhovkina, she already has experience working with people who have survived fiscal destroy, like those who lost a lot of money at 2014, when the Russian ruble radically lost its value against the US dollar and Euro. It is very important so that a person does not do anything dumb,” sheclarified.

Bitcoin wasn’t the only virtual money to watch red onexchanges recently. The value of most of the other altcoinsdecreased quite substantially. However, at the time of writing, CoinMarketCap was showing advancement with the most of top cryptocurrencies all in the green. At the momentbitcoin is trading around 2C660, with some specialistscould reach the %2450k mark come December.